Skin tone correction IPL Lumecca

Skin tone correction – IPL – Lumecca

Bright and even skin tone is associated with young, clean and healthy skin. Age spots, hyperpigmented areas and superficial blood vessels can be caused by sun damage, hormone changes or following trauma to the skin. Uneven skin tone contributes to a dull complexion and can give the appearance of ageing.

Lumecca IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) dramatically improves the skin tone and evens out the imperfections, often after only 1-2 painless treatments, restoring the skins youthful radiance and clarity. Lumecca is also a very effective treatment for removing superficial blood vessels.

How does it work? As the Lumecca device passes over the skin, it delivers powerful Intense Pulsed Light (500-600 nm) which targets the imperfections and breaks down the unwanted pigments, usually in only one single treatment session.

   from 15 mins

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